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CBN grinding wheel for crankshaft-vitrified bond

Item No.: VBCBNW002
Used for the high efficiency and abrasive machining of main journal, connecting bar journal of the engine crankshaft and its capped edge.
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Our vitrified CBN( Cubic Boron Nitride) grinding wheel is used for the high efficiency and abrasive machining of shaft, connecting rod of engine crankshaft flange grinding.


The wheel’s working speed can be 80m/s—150m/s. It can be used on the numerical-control and high accuracy CBN special crankshaft grinding machines, such as those special crankshaft grinding machine produced by Naxos, Junker and Landis.


Size Available:

Other sizes could be offered upon request.

SHAPE CODE D(mm) T (mm) H(mm) X(mm)






350 18,20,24   5,8,10
  402 18,20,24   5,8,10
  500 20,24   5,8,10
  600 20,24,35   5,8,10
  650 43.5,47.5,50.5   5,8,10
  750 43.5,47.5,50.5   5,8,10
  900 50,60   5,8,10