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Concrete floor preparation plates—PCD trapezoid (2 PCD)

Item No.: PCD2P
Installed on floor grinders and used for removing of glue, epoxy coating, painting, rubber adhered to the surface of the concrete floor

A Polycrystal diamonds wing PCD scraper is a diamond tool designed to remove surface materials from concrete. This could be an epoxy coating, a flooring adhesive, or an overlay.

the polycrystalline diamond PCD is a very hard and wear resistant material in all direction. A PCD scraper or PCD wing is a tool that makes a polycrystalline diamond segments to function as scraping devices. They can have anywhere from one, two or more polycrystalline diamond segments per tool and can be used for scraping a range of surface materials.

PCD scrapers are far better scrapes than that of metal scraping bits because the hardness of the PCD segments makes it last much longer and ensure consistent performance.


Installed on Husqvarna redi lock systems and used for the general purpose scraping or ripping of coatings on the concrete floor surface like epoxy, mastics, glue etc.



1. the Poly crystalline diamond PCD wings is installed on concrete grinders with redi lock systemes for use

2. The versatile PCD scrapes and rips coatings of different thickness from the surface..

3. The polycrystalline diamonds will never load up or smear the coatings like a metal bond diamond tool

4. Quarter size PCD plus diamond segment is suitable for heavy duty and long life use

5. High quality PCD can make the diamond cup wheel work with aggressive speed.

6. The PCD wings can do either wet or dry grinding

PCD trapezoid usually performs longer life than normal bond traps
More aggressive efficiency
Higher grinding strength