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FAQ of Flat Grinding Wheel & Solutions

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Update time : 2017-11-01 15:14:25

Reasons of uneven surface of the work piece and solution:

Overfeeding: reduce feeding speed, especially at fine polishing speed;

Burning of work piece: try to use suitable grit and hardness

Remaining inner tense of work piece: eliminate inner strength before fine grinding

Smudgy electromagnetic clamp: clean electromagnetic clamp before fine grinding

Imposition of grinding wheel spindle: readjust the spindle and make it parallel with the working table.

Reasons of scratch on the surface of the work piece and solution:

Unclean cooling fuel: clean cooling sink or change cooling fuel

Soft grinding wheel: change to hard grinding wheel

Coarse grit: change to suitable grit

Dressing: check dressing equipment

Reasons chatter mark and solutions:

Main spindle wearing: check main spindle

Wobbling of grinding wheel: re-dressing of the grinding wheel and re-install

Grinding wheel is too hard: change to soft grinding wheel