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Reasons Caused Unbalancing of Diamond Grinding Wheel & Solutions

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Update time : 2017-09-28 14:24:37
Reasons caused unbalancing of diamond grinding wheel mainly includes: dimensional difference on different part, density difference of different part and installing deviation.
wobbling will surely happen when use unbalanced diamond grinding wheel for high speed grinding, grinding effected will thus be affected much.
How to find solutions for improving unbalanced solutions then?
Find Position A which locates at the bottom part of center of gravity;
Mark position B which is the symmetry point of A.
Add counterbalance C and keep A & B stays at the exact position
Then keep adding counterbalance D&E, keep A & B still stays at the exact position. If any position change happens to A&B, try to adjust D&E to make A &B back to its original position.
Diamond grinding wheel can achieve horizontal balance.
Turn 90°of the diamond grinding wheel, move D&E to the direction of A & B at the same time until the diamond grinding wheel achieve balance again.
Repeat the operation again and again till the diamond grinding wheel achieves balance at any direction.