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Reasons of T.C.T Wood Saw Blade Cracking

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Update time : 2017-09-05 14:54:13
Segment cracking of T.C.T wood saw blade or fast consuming is common in wood working or furniture making factories, which also becomes a big headache for this also becomes a big cost for them. Furniture factories are keeping trying to reduce such cost, but first of all, we need to know the reasons cause such consuming.
  1. incorrect installing of T.C.T wood circular saw blade.
check carefully after circular saw blade installing, incorrect or improper installing will not only cause blade cracking but also affect the life of cutting machine
  1. Wrong setting of Abe table
wrong setting of Abe table will cause damage both to T.C.T wood saw blade and cutting machine
  1. incomplete cleaning of the cutting machine
chipping inside the cutting machine will cause fast consuming of T.C.T wood saw blade
  1. T.C.T wood saw blade should be handled with care
any jogging of the blade may cause uneven surface of the blade, and cause big cutting pressure
  1. over-speed cutting
cutting speed should go ahead with cutting material. Some operators goes only after cutting speed, this is a main reason for the damage of T.C.T wood circular saw blade
  1. unclean cutting material
some operators never clean the materials used for cutting, this will surely cause big cutting pressure for the T.C.T wood saw blade
  1. Over-time working of cutting machine
  over-time cutting allows no break for T.C.T wood saw blade, blade cracking seems unavoidable.