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diamond core bit for stone

Item No.: STCB002
used for wet drilling of natural stone, like granite, marble, etc.
  • diamond core bits for stone-length 80mmDownload

Application: A diamond core bit is kind of tool which is used for drilling holes in granite and other hard stone.



The diamond core bits come in various sizes.

High concentration diamond makes the diamond core bit drill as many holes as it could.

Smooth drilling with little wobbling during work.

Clean drilling as there is little chipping around the holes.


Size Available:

Total Length: 80mm

Thread Type: M18(Female), 1/2”-2(Female)

Vacuum Brazing wall protection type could be available

Diameter Metric(mm) Segment Quantiy Segment Size (mm)
Φ20 Ring Φ20x2.5x10
Φ25 Ring Φ25 x2.5x10
Φ28 Ring Φ28 x2.5x10
Φ30 Ring Φ30 x2.5x10
Φ32 Ring Φ32 x2.5x10
Φ35 Ring Φ35 x2.5x10
Φ38 Ring Φ38 x2.5x10
Φ40 4pcs 20x3.0x10
Φ45 4 pcs 24x3.0x10
Φ50 5 pcs 20x3.0x10
Φ55 5 pcs 24x3.0x10
Φ60 6 pcs 20x3.0x10
Φ65 6 pcs 24x3.0x10
Φ70 7 pcs 20x3.0x10
Φ75 7 pcs 24x3.0x10

Other size could be available upon request