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diamond grinding wheel for megnatic materials-vitrified bond

Item No.: CBGW001
Application: We developed professional diamond grinding wheel for magnetic materials processing based on it specific features.
  • diamond griniding wheel for processing magnetic materialsDownload


According to the characteristics of magnetic material itself, our company has researched and launched a dedicated vitrified diamond grinding wheel for magnetic material grinding.



Our vitrified(ceramic) bonded diamond grinding wheel is developed with specific advantages over other diamond grinding wheels:

  • The vitrified diamond grinding wheel is with igh feeding speed and aggressive grinding speed
  • The vitrified diamond grinding wheel is featured with long durable life, which equals 2 times than that of resin bond grinding wheels.
  • There is little internal stress by using our vitrified diamond grinding wheel, quality of the work piece being grinded will be improved much.
  • You do not have to dress the vitrified diamond grinding wheel as that of resin bond diamond during use process, thus worker’s efficiency could be greatly improved.
  • By using our vitrified bond diamond grinding wheel it will be easy to double the working efficiency without increasing any working labors, equipment or plants.


Size Available:

Shape Code D(mm) H(mm) T(mm) X(mm)



300   30, 40,50 10,12
350   30, 40,50 10,12
400   30, 40,50 10,12

Other size could be offered upon request.