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Cutting Effects Caused by Teeth Quantity of T.C.T Wood Saw Blade

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Update time : 2017-09-21 14:58:27
Generally speaking, T.C.T wood saw blade with bigger quantity of teeth will make more cutting edge in unit time, then its cutting performance will be better. But T.C.T wood saw blade with over quantity of cutting teeth, space between cutting teeth will become too narrow for chip collecting and cause heat of the T.C.T wood blade during cutting. Besides, over quantity of cutting teeth should go strictly with reasonable feeding speed. Or stock removal of per cutting will be limited and friction between cutting edge and work piece will be increased, cutting life of T.C.T wood saw blade will be reduced in result.
However we cannot expect smooth cutting edge with T.C.T wood saw blade with less cutting teeth. But because of big space between cutting teeth, burning of T.C.T cutting blade is not so easily happen compared with more cutting teeth quantity.
So during multi-cutting, T.C.T wood saw blade with less cutting teeth should be chosen. Otherwise T.C.T wood saw blade with more cutting teeth should be our first choice.