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Development of high performance dry cutting concrete diamond saw blade

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Update time : 2017-12-13 08:55:12
1. with the concrete diamond saw blade in cutting applications continue to increase, people cut on the performance of structure of diamond saw blade and saw the increasingly high demands from the brazing to laser welding, from low speed to high speed, from dry cutting to the coolant, and require a special dry concrete for this special material cutting type saw blade cutting technology. Research on concrete dry, reducing the processing cost of concrete sawing, has become an important subject of concrete diamond saw blade manufacturers and users of concern.
2. concrete is a kind of special composite materials, mainly composed of coarse aggregate and fine aggregate sand stone, cement, steel, asphalt and other hard and soft materials, with low tensile strength properties, cracks and discontinuities of structure defects.
The cutting process has the following characteristics: 3. dry concrete cutting high temperature, dust, noise processing, object composition is complex. According to these characteristics of dry cutting concrete, concrete dry cutting technology research, improve the diamond saw blade manufacturing and processing technology, has a very important significance to reduce the cost of concrete sawing.
Key technologies and innovation points of new products
The microscopic characteristics of concrete and 1. concrete cutting saw through the observation of morphology after cutting surface, study on removal mechanism of concrete sawing materials.
2. different in sawing concrete with different blade cutting parameters, measuring sawing sawing force in cutting process, analysis of concrete sawing sawing features in cutting process, the main influence factors of sawing force.
3. measuring sawblade sawing plain concrete and steel fiber concrete in the process of wear, nodal segments observed surface morphology and matrix of the saw blade wear, wear analysis of saw blade, saw blade wear comparison of different performance.
The noise and vibration of the saw blade 4. measurement under different processing conditions, analysis of the sources of noise and vibration, influence factors of noise and vibration, the research group designed the blade vibration and noise reduction with common blades were compared to verify its effect, and finally puts forward some methods and principles of reducing low noise and vibration cutting process .