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Features of Vitrified CBN Grinding Wheels

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Update time : 2017-09-21 17:23:38
Features of CBN
  1. Hardness of CBN ranks second in the nature after diamond, good oxidation resistance.
  2. CBN is with good thermal resistance which can stand temperature 400-1600℃, it can do well with the heat produced by grinding.
  3. CBN is with good chemical inertness, it would not react with metal work piece if the grinding heat stays below 1100℃.
Features of vitrified bond CBN grinding wheel
  1. good modulus of elasticity, little thermal expansion, good toughness and good shape keeping, we can get finished work piece with good fineness and size precision though CBN grinding wheel;
  2. Pority internal structure makes good bonding strength with CBN, it can do aggressive grinding speed with little grinding force.
  3. After high temperature sintering, life of CBN grinding wheel is increased in a big step, which can last 30-100pcs of brown silicon grinding wheels.
  4. high strength, segmented design makes it easy for internal strength dismissing, all makes CBN grinding wheel suitable for grinding with high line speed.
Work piece can be processed by CBN grinding wheel:
High speed steel, thermal resistant steel, stainless steel, high strength steel, high temperature alloy etc.