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Six-steps to Make Perfect Concrete Floor

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Update time : 2017-11-08 14:49:17
Step 1: Coarse grinding.  Use metal bond concrete tool like metal bond floor grinding disc or trapezoid whose grit is coarser than 60#. Coarse grinding is the fundamental step of the whole process and do make sure the floor is flat and even;
Step 2: Hardening. Applying concrete hardening agent on the floor, and use some tool like swab to make sure the hardening agent covers every corner of the floor. Keep the floor wet for one hour. Use hardening agent again if necessary;
Step 3: Fine grinding. Use resin bond concrete tool like resin bond polishing pad with grit of 50/100/300/500. Every grinding with new grit has to make scratches left by last grit are removed totally.
Step 4: Put color on the floor. Non-colored part and the wall need be protected before coloring. The color needs to be painted again and again to make sure all is absorbed by the concrete;
Step 5: Color fixing. Use color fixation agent ;
Step 6: Final polishing. Use fine polishing concrete tool with at least 1000# grit, make sure it reaches mirror effect after over and over polishing.