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Some Points to Think About after Ceramic Industry Fair

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Update time : 2017-11-15 11:35:08
During the new Ceramic Industry Fair of China, we found some new trends of the whole industry that needs us to think about.
  1. Production technology and art development of tile industry is based on the development of equipment. Many new equipment are being in show this time, digital equipment, fully-automatic equipment and huge-production capability equipment are typical representatives.
  2. New type, new size and art design of ceramic tiles are coming out in super quick speed. The situation of polished ceramic tile taking most market share has gone forever. New types of ceramic tile have become the new trend and related production technology, equipment & ceramic processing tools have become new hot spots.
  3. Many diamond tool makers took part in the show. New ceramic tool, professional ceramic tools attracted lots of attention on the show.
  4. Some ceramic tools for polishing has become normal products like resin bond diamond grinding block. But it seems that competition of these traditional ceramic tools is becoming more and fiercer. So new ceramic tools with creativity is in urgent need for avoiding price war.