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The influence of honing tools on the surface roughness of ceramic honing

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Update time : 2017-12-26 17:03:09
The factors affecting the quality of the honing surface of the engineering ceramics can be divided into two types: Honing Parameters and honing tool parameters. Among them, the influence of tool parameters is the most significant. In this paper, ZTM ceramic materials for example, mainly on the influence of diamond particle size, oil concentration and binder 3 tools for ceramic Honing Parameters on surface roughness.
2.1 diamond grit size of diamond fiber oil stone
The diamond grit size on the diamond fiber oil stone after honing ceramics surface roughness has an important influence. The ZTM ceramic materials are honed with 3 kinds of granularity, in which the concentration of resin bond oil stone is 50%, and the grain size is compared. With the decrease of the grain size of the diamond abrasive, the surface quality of the ceramic material has been obviously improved. The particle size of abrasive oil, the range of interaction between abrasive and ceramic material is small, the cutting ability of abrasive is weak, material removal is little, and grinding marks on ceramic material surface are shallow. As a result, the Ra value of the roughness parameter is low. When the ceramic material is refined, the fine-grained diamond tools should be to avoid the scratch, so as to obtain the qualified surface quality.
2.2 diamond concentration
Diamond abrasive stone with 3 kinds of concentration, for honing processing of ZTM ceramic material, resin bonded oil particle size is 230/270 and the concentration of contrast part. The concentration of diamond oil stone is low, and the number of abrasive particles on the surface area of the oil stone is reduced, which leads to the uneven processing of the honing surface of the ceramic materials. Moreover, the force on the single abrasive particles is large, and the ceramic material is more easily removed by brittle failure, and the machined surface leaves a deep scratch. Therefore, the surface of the ceramic material honing with low concentration of oil stone is higher than that of the Ra. The influence of diamond oil stone concentration on the surface roughness of ceramic material honing is not as significant as the size of oil stone. In order to obtain better quality of the honing surface of engineering ceramics, the concentration of diamond stone should not be too low to be .
2.3 diamond binders
In the actual processing of engineering ceramic parts, resin bonded diamond tools are usually used as cutting tools. In order to obtain high grinding ratio and machining efficiency. The particle size of oil stone is 230/270, and the concentration is 75%. There is little difference in the surface roughness of the ceramic surface after the processing of resin, bronze and cast iron bonded diamond. The surface roughness of the ceramic materials after honing by electroplated diamond carbide is increased rapidly, which has the greatest influence on the surface quality of the ceramic materials. The surface abrasive particles of the electroplated stone are fully exposed and deep scratches are processed on the surface of the ceramic material.