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Those traditional Chinese wood working tools that are gradually disappearing

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Update time : 2017-11-29 09:23:00
Carpentry is a very important process of classical furniture making. It involves the technology of material opening, material selection, tenon and mortise, and assembly. The essence of classical furniture, the soul of classical furniture - mortise and tenon structure is completed by the carpentry. With the development of social economy and the rapid development of science and technology, various kinds of wood working tools have been gradually increased, and functions have been perfected. Such as tenon machines, the accuracy is increasing. Like a chisel, a plane, shovels, ink and other traditional wood working tools, it is hard to see..
Saw: one of the traditional wood working tools, used for transverse cutting and longitudinal decomposition of wood, and a long history of manual saw. Also called "saw blades, saw chisel are generally with an inclined angle of 45 degrees, one by one to the left by the saw tooth diverge, easy operation in one reciprocating saw blade. The frame saw, saw blade mounted on one side, the other side is provided with a rope winding frame able to bear, insert the bamboo Besshi fixed, can adjust the blade angle and elastic, very reasonable and convenient. The frame saw can be divided into three kinds, namely, coarse, medium and fine, according to the length of the saw bar and the distance between the teeth. Coarse saw blade length 650, 750mm, pitch 4 5mm, mainly used for cutting thick timber; in saw blade length 550, 650mm, pitch 3 4mm, mainly used for cutting thin wood or long blade tenon; fretsaw 450 500mm, pitch 2 3mm, mainly used for sawing thin wood and tenon shoulder pull. Metal saw history can be traced back to the Shang and Zhou dynasties, "Mo-tse" has been "the door was carrying no axe chisel saw push" account.