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Laser welding diamond saw blade for road

Item No.: DBLW001
Laser welding diamond saw blade for road is made by high grade diamond and metal powder, hot pressed segment is laser welded to the shank. Thus the firm welding, sharp formula and different bond ensures the safe and high-speed cutting.
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Applcation: our laser welding road cutting saw blade is used for the cutting of reinforce concrete, road etc

Size Available:
Dia. Hole
Seg. Height
9” 230mm 22.23/25.4 8/10mm
12” 300mm 22.23/25.4 10/12/15mm
14” 350mm 25.4/50 10/12/15mm
16” 400mm 25.4/50 10/12/15mm
18” 450mm 25.4/50/60 10/12/15mm
20” 500mm 25.4/50/60 10/12/15mm
24” 600mm 25.4/50/60 10/12/15mm
26” 650mm 25.4/50/60 10/12/15mm
28” 700mm 25.4/50/60 10/12/15mm
30” 750mm 25.4/50/60 10/12/15mm
32” 800mm 25.4/50/60 10/12/15mm
36” 900mm 25.4/50/60 10/12/15mm
40” 1000mm 25.4/50/60 10/12/15mm
48” 1200mm 25.4/50/60 10/12/15mm

Features: It is made with high grade diamond and metal powder which ensures the good sharpness and smooth cutting. Every segment is checked after welding, the firm welding garantees safe cutting.The sizes we are offering now has been listed above, other sizes could be produced as per requirement.