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vaccum brazing diamond hole saw for ceramic with wax filling

Item No.: VBCBW001
used for professional dry drilling of hard ceramic, porcelain stoneware and natural stone tile
  • vacuum brazing diamond core bit with wax fillingDownload

Application: Our vacuum brazing magic dry diamond drill bits are the excellent Ceramic tile core bits, porcelain core bits, marble core bits , engineering stone core bits.


Size Available:

1/4” 6mm
5/16” 8mm
3/8” 10mm
1/2” 12mm
9/16” 14mm
5/8” 16mm
3/4” 20mm
7/8” 22mm
1” 25mm
1-1/4” 32mm
1-3/8” 35mm

Other size under 35mm could be available upon request


Shank Type:

M14(Female), 5/8-11”(Female), Hex, Triangular


Machine for those vacuum brazing diamond core bits:

Drill press Hand held drill
Cordless Drill Other equipment




  • Vacuum brazing technology provides high diamond concentration and maximum diamond particle exposure which makes the diamond core bits do free and fast drilling.
  • Vacuum brazing technology makes the bond of diamond particle strong enough from dropping off, which guarantees long service life of the diamond core bits
  • Wax filled in the diamond core bit makes the drilling quite smooth and reduce the thermal damage to the part being drilled to the least.
  • Little chipping, clean drilling