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Vacuum Brazed Diamond Blade for Metal Cutting (universal purpose type)

Item No.: VBMC002
the blade is used for cutting raw metal and steel, especially cast iron, angle iron, ductile iron. Its super aggressive cutting speed, long lasting life, environmental friendly cutting makes it super popular on the market and used for replacing traditiona

We never stopped our research and development this special metal cutting blade since 2002. Now we have our fourth generation metal cutting blade which are super popular on the market. Both common metal cutting blade and silent metal cutting blade(patent owning, no copy allowed) are available, especially the silent type, which can reduce cutting noise dramatically.



  • The metal cutting diamond blade is used for cutting raw metal and steel, especially cast iron, angle iron, ductile iron, stainless steel , rebars etc .
  • And the vacuum brazed diamond blade can cut all materials: metal, PVC, wood, concrete, stone, universal cutting purpose.
  • Also the blade is known and used as rescuing blade


Reasons for choosing this vacuum brazed saw blade for metal cutting:

  • The steel cutting blade will out last around 50 -100 abrasive wheels to 1
  • The metal cutting diamond blade will do dry cut
  • The steel cutting disc is with faster cutting speed
  • Comparing with abrasive wheels, the metal/steel cutting diamond blade maintains consistent depth throughout cutting life
  • The diamond circular saw metal cutting blade is with integral structure, no breaking risk from the first cutting till the end.
  • By using the metal /steel cutting diamond blade, you will eliminate downtime changing abrasive wheels
  • You will have much cleaner cutting by using the diamond metal cutting saw blade than abrasive wheel, for there will no dust porduced during the cutting.
  • Never worry about temperature changing or moisture influence, for the metal cutting circular saw blade has no expiration date.
  • You may either use angle grinder or gas saw or other machine machine for installing such vacuum brazing diamond saw blade


Size available:

Diameter of Metal Cutting Diamond Blade Arbor Size
4” 7/8”(22.23mm)
4.5” 7/8”(22.23mm)
5” 7/8”(22.23mm)
6” 7/8”(22.23mm)
7” 7/8”(22.23mm)
9” 1”(25.4mm)
12” 1”(25.4mm)
14” 1”(25.4mm)
16” 1”(25.4mm)
18" 1”(25.4mm)

Other size could be available upon request.


How to order:

kindly let us know the following information before we can give you a professional recommendation and quotation:

Diameter of the blade
Arbor size of the blade
Cutting purpose with this blade
Cutting machine , and the roation speed
What kind of tools you used before?